Text Box:  3/1/2011– World of Warcraft Tcg: Assault on Icecrown Raid Deck

3/8/2011– Yu-Gi-Oh: 
Dragunity Structure Deck

3/9/2011—Pokemon 2011 Tin

3/11/11– Magic::Tg: 
Deck Builder’s Toolkit 2011

Heroclix: Giant Sized X-Men Brick

Yu-Gi-Oh : Storm of Ragnorok Special Edition

World of Warcraft Tcg:
War of the Elements expansion
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Mirrodin Besieged Games Day

Attention all World of Warcraft TCG fans! World of Warcraft Realm Qualifiers are sweeping through Roseville yet again. A-1 Comics will be opening it’s doors on March 19th at 10am for pre-registration. This event is sealed. Each player will be constructing their deck from 6 packs of World Breaker.

   Join us March 5th at 10a.m. for Mirrodin Besieged games day! This is a constructed event with an entry fee of $5.


   Every player who participates in this event will receive a full art Treasure Mage, and top 8 will receive a Black Sun’s Zenith. (Both cards are pictured below.) Also, any player who finishes within the top two and has an affiliation with a faction will receive a faction appropriate full art card. (to be affiliated with a faction, your deck must have at least 10 cards with the correct faction watermark.)


    Phyrexian players will be receiving a full art Suture priest, and Myr players will be receiving a full art Pristine Talisman. Don’t forget to join us for this exciting games day!


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Pokemon Black and White

 releases 4/25/2011!



March 2011