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Magic:tg: Mirrodin Besieged releases

Yu-Gi-Oh: Storm of Ragnarok 

Pokemon: Call of Legends

Flux: Pirate Flux

World of Warcraft: Assault on Icecrown

Dungeons & Dragons: Gamma World Expansion Kit~ Legion of Gold Box

Dungeons & Dragons: Fortune Decks

Pathfinder Adventure Path: Carrion Crown Part 1

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The Call of Pokemon Legends

Mirrodin Besieged!


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Phyrexia. The Nine Hells of the Magic Universe. For thousands and thousands of years, this plane has watched and waited, slowly devouring other races, planets… civilizations, and converting them to the Grand Evolution. And now they’ve come to Mirrodin, the Plane of Metal– who itself is no stranger to mass conflict. They’ve come to make All as One.

Mirrodin Besieged is here, and YOU need to choose a side and get into the battle. This expansion for M:tG, weighing in at 155 cards, brings more support to metalcraft, infect, and proliferate. Phyrexia is ready to take what is theirs, but the Mirrans aren’t ready to see eye-to-eye with their enemy just yet. Unless it’s face-to-face in combat.

This set has some pretty nutty goodness in it, and whichever faction you support, picking up some Besieged will help aid your eventual victory.

There’s a lot happening on the YuGiOh front

these days! Not only has A-1 received their Duel

 Terminal 4 product for all you crazy duelists

to sink your teeth into (oh, Trishula, how we all

love thee), but Storm of Ragnarok is on the hori-

zon as well! Bringing a taste of Nordic mytho-

logy to YuGiOh, Odin, Loki and Thor all make

appearances here as ridiculously powerful

Synchro summons. Add in the long-awaited

True Six Samurai support (and it’s a lot of sup-

port!), and along with more backing for Black-

wings, E-Heroes and Watt archtypes, and this

Set promises to bring a lot to the proverbial

metagame table for Yu-Gi-Oh!

Early February is when we’ll see this set grace

our shelves, so be sure you have some monies

squirreled away (even though Duel Terminal 4

is so tempting!) for when it releases!

Pokemon Black and White is here soon (who else is excited!? It’s BLACK AND WHITE! YES!!), and with a new Pokemon set due out in February, you’ll be fed to the Mudkip-gills with enough Pokemon to satiate even the most hardcore Pokeaddict!

Just as the name would indicate, there’s a LOT of Legends in this set— almost 1/5th of the Pokemon in the set are Legendary pocket monsters returned to battle for the right to be the very best!

Call of Legends is a transitionary set between Heart Gold & Soul Silver, and Black and White, so picking up those much-needed rares to help supplement your decks before the Black-White tide would be a prudent investment for all of you discerning Pokemon trainers!

Look for it early this month— as always, we’ll have a singles binder and individual rares stocked, so swing by and pick up what you need! The Legends don’t wait for lazy trainers!

Duel Terminal 4, Storm of Ragnarok, Yu-gi-oh and you!



February 2011