Text Box:  4/1/2011
Magic tg:- Knights Vs. Dragons Duel Deck

Yu-Gi-Oh- Duelist Pack Tin

Munchkin- Monster Enhancers Booster

Yu-Gi-Oh—Hidden Arsenal 4

Pokemon tcg:
 Black and White

World of Warcraft tcg- War of the elementals

World Of Warcraft
Tcg– War of the Elementals Epic Collection
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Super Smash Brothers Brawl April 2nd!

A-1 comics Overnighter

Don’t you guys HATE it when A-1 Comics closes and their rude employees unceremoniously dump you in front of the store? On April 30th, you can stay all night long. You read right; anyone who signs up for our overnight event at A-1 Comics can game uninterrupted from 10PM until 8AM the next day.  No matter which game you play, you’re welcome to stay until 8AM.  However, space is limited.  Be sure to pay your $7 to sign up sooner than later to ensure your spot in this exciting all night venture.


                 Calling all Brawl players! A-1 Comics is hosting a Super Smash Brothers tournament run by our local team: Armageddon. Time to dust off your Wii and get some last minute practice in (just like cramming before a test, you’ll be sure to get an A+.) Whether you prefer playing solo, or with a team mate there will be an event tailored for you.  This tournament starts at 11AM so be sure to show up before then for registration.

                 Detailed rules for this event can be found on allisbrawl.com. Be Sure to register if you are interested in playing in this event, or want to stay in contact with the Smash Brothers community.

Venue Fee $2

Singles $5

Doubles $10

Side Events $2

  Don’t forget to friends

  A-1 Comics,inc

  on Facebook!

Trollhalla Demo

                 Sail the high seas towards a destination of looting and plunder. As a Troll Viking! Z-Man Games (Creators of Pandemic) proudly presents their newest creating for your discerning tastes, Trollhalla. A fast and fun game designed to delight new and old board gamers alike. Having already earned a respectable 7.8 rating on boardgamegeek.com Trollhalla will not disappoint.


                 Are you a board game geek on a budget? Here’s your chance to test drive a new game before you buy it. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to gaming or a veteran; there’s no reason to miss out on this demo! This offer is only available on Saturday April 16th 12PM-4PM. Be sure to mark your calendars and gather your friends. It’s time for VIKING TROLLS!



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